Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Wildwood Sharpshot

    Demetra's eagle eye allows her piercing arrow to fly straight through any foe who dares face her.

    Deals 13.74K Physical Damage to all targets in a line. (Level 50)

  • Serrated Arrowheads

    Demetra's bow, infused with arcane Dryadic magic, will sometimes produce extra ammunition.

    Following 4 basic attacks, Demetra fires extra arrows, dealing an additional 14.74K Physical Damage. (Level 50)

  • Eagle Eye

    Years of diligent target practice give Demetra's aim an adept level of precision.

    Gives self +31.1% Critical Strike Chance. (Level 50)

  • Sharpshot Adept

    By means of Dryadic magic and rigorous training, Demetra's arrows tear through crowds of enemies.

    Following 3 basic attacks, Demetra fires a piercing shot, dealing 6.26K Physical Damage and reduces Physical Defense by 135 for 10 seconds to all enemies in a line. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkArrow Dance

Wildwood Sharpshot now grants Demetra 100% Basic Attack Speed for 10 seconds. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkFlaming Arrow

Wildwood Sharpshot now burns her primary target, dealing 10K Physical Damage every second for 3 seconds.

Chione's MarkFrost Shot

Serrated Arrowheads now stuns enemies hit for 3 seconds.

Ready for anything that comes her way, Demetra may be small but her oversized dryadic bow has big impact.

Raised by Dryads until she was adopted into the kingdom, Demetra often found herself longing for the open air of the forest when within the city's walls. Never content to watch others claim the glory of championship that should be rightfully hers, she once masked her female identity to enter, and win, the annual royal marksmanship tournament.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Towering Inferno

    Phoebe channels the fire in her spirit, causing the earth beneath her enemy's feet to erupt into a pillar of flame.

    Deals 18.37K Magical Damage on impact and 5.31K Magical Damage per second afterward, for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Burning Focus

    While unharmed, Phoebe is able to center on the flame in her mind's eye and gain greater confidence in battle.

    As long as she is undamaged, Phoebe gains 155  Magical Penetration and 27.1% Critical Strike Chance. (Level 50)

  • Firepower

    With advanced training, Phoebe wills her fireball attack to burst into flames upon impact.

    Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack burns the target with 5.12K Magical Damage every second for 2 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Phoenix Ring

    Mind focused and spirit ablaze, Phoebe masters her powers and scorches the earth with everlasting flames.

    Towering Inferno leaves a ring of fire on the ground, burning all enemies who stand within it for 3.08K Magical Damage every second for 6 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkVivacious Backdraft

While above 60% health, Phoebe gains 60% Basic Attack Speed. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkInner Fire

Starts battle with 70% Magical Ability Power for 60 seconds.

Chione's MarkCrystalline Ward

Starts battle with a 60K Health Shield.

Skilled in the mystical arts of the clerics of the New Kingdom, Phoebe commands fire and flame as readily as most soldiers handle a sword and shield.

As a young girl, Phoebe's untrained talents were mistaken as uncontrollable burdens and many in her village treated her like an outcast. Finally as a teenager she was taken under the wing of a nearby shaman, and Phoebe flourished with proper magical education and centering of her mind's immense energy and power.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Soulful Shriek

    Sarpedon screams a damaging dark magic incantation from deep within, shattering the will of his enemy and growing his power.

    Deals 41.32K Magical Damage to current target. Sarpedon gains 1.51K Magical Ability Power for 60 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Dark Berserker

    Sarpedon feeds on fallen enemies, dealing damage to one foe upon another's death.

    Upon any opponent's death, Sarpedon deals 33K Magical Damage to a random opponent. (Level 50)

  • Cold Revenge

    Siphoning the life force from a fallen ally, Sarpedon gains power from their sacrifice.

    Upon the first ally death, Sarpedon gains 2.15K Magical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Underworld Domination

    Sarpedon's power grows with every flash of pain and fear felt by his foe, shattering their hope and bringing them to their knees before their once and future king.

    Following 3 basic attacks, Sarpedon's next attack deals 24K additional Magical Damage to his target. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkWailing Cyclone

Soulful Shriek now additionally reduces Resilience by 300 for 12 seconds. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkBurning Wall

Soulful Shriek grants Sarpedon 30% Magical Penetration and 25% Basic Attack Speed for 16 seconds.

Chione's MarkCold Blooded

Following 5 basic attacks, Sarpedon's next attack heals himself for 50K health.

Cursed in his last moments in battle, the doomed king Sarpedon still fights, unaware of his own demise.

The great king Sarpedon was said to be finding his way as a just and respected leader when the time came for him to ride his treasured war mount into battle at the head of a battalion doomed to fall at the hands of the Warriors of Ares. As Sarpedon felt the sword blade pierce his ribs he felt an odd calm and did not fall, and now he and his ghastly mount fight to this day.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Blast Shot

    Phaidon overloads his adapted arm cannon, launching a sizzling and fiery kinetic energy attack.

    Deals 17.99K Physical Damage to the target, and 17.99K Physical Damage to a nearby enemy. (Level 50)

  • Explosive Shot

    Phaidon fires at an enemy, then watches with satisfaction as the explosion hits multiple targets.

    Following 9 basic attacks, his next basic attack fires a explosive projectile that deals 13.46K Physical Damage to target, and 4.49K Physical Damage to nearby enemies. (Level 50)

  • Mask of the Madman

    Phaidon makes the final adjustments to his face-saving mask, adding a piercing cold laser to the eyes.

    Gains 62.3% Physical Penetration. (Level 50)

  • Manic Optimization

    Gears whirling and pistons pumping, Phaidon's arm finally meets its original specifications, firing a salvo with each crazed cackle.

    Phaidon's Basic Attack Speed is increased by 17.4%. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkManic Blow

Blast Shot now additionally reduces Physical Defense by 50% for 5 seconds.

Embers MarkIgnited Rounds

Blast Shot now burns the primary target, dealing 10K Physical Damage every second for 4 seconds.

Chione's MarkLiquid Cooled Barrel

Upon landing a critical strike, Phaidon gains 10% Basic Attack Damage for 5 seconds. (stackable)

A deranged inventor, Phaidon is reckless in his never-ending attempts to revolutionize warfare.

As the lead inventor on the Children of Talos project, Phaidon never truly forgave himself when their uprising became violent. His work became erratic, culminating in a laboratory explosion that destroyed his arm. However, this gave Phaidon a convenient excuse to experiment with his latest shoulder-mounted cannon prototype.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Rupture Shot

    In a fit of nihilistic blood rage, Eryx imbues a crossbow bolt with a toxic payload of his own cursed blood.

    Sacrifices 25% of current health, causing target to bleed for 10.68K Physical Damage every second for 3 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Necessary Thirst

    After being wounded, Eryx loses control of his fiendish urges and feasts on the blood of his foes to replenish his vigor.

    Gains 151% Life Steal of damage dealt for 12 seconds when his health falls below 50%. (Level 50)

  • Cold Blooded

    Eryx's corrupted blood causes those afflicted by his Rupture Shot to become lethargic and listless.

    Causes Rupture Shot to reduce the target's Basic Attack Speed by 43.9% for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Pact of Life

    Losing himself in the carnage of combat, Eryx imbibes the life essence of a fallen ally to reinvigorate his own blighted soul.

    When Eryx deals a critical hit, he heals himself for 8.85K health. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkBloody Twister

Upon landing a critical strike, Eryx reduces Physical Defense by 200 for 5 seconds. (non-stackable)

Embers MarkBoiling Blood

For every 30% health lost, Eryx gains 160 Physical Defense for 12 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkCold Snap

Eryx permanently gains 50% Critical Damage Bonus. (purge immune)

Bearing the weight of passing from this world to the next before returning, Eryx has seen more of life and death than most can claim.

It is a rare Hero that walks among the living yet has glimpsed the world of the dead. Slain before attaining the true glory he believed he could grasp, Eryx made his passage to the underworld as all fallen men must do. Arriving in Hades, he looked into the face of the welcoming shades and, beset with fear of being lost to history, fled back to the world of the living. Upon return it became clear that he had become forever corrupted by the gaze of the shades and the darkness of the underworld’s embrace.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Polybolos Punch

    Hadrian winds up to unleash a deadly attack that also allows quicker follow-up shots from his repeating ballista.

    Deals 28.69K Physical Damage and grants himself 51.2% Basic Attack Speed for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Flying Ace

    As a veteran of combat, a steady barrage of attacks gives Hadrian more opportunities to exploit an enemy's weakness.

    Every basic attack has a 30% chance to grant Hadrian 80.4% Critical Damage Bonus for 3 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Carrion Surge

    Every enemy death serves to bolster Hadrian's power and is memorialized as a skull on his beetle's carapace.

    When an enemy falls, Hadrian gains 15.5% Basic Attack Damage for 45 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Buzzcut Bolts

    By upgrading to armor piercing broadheads, Hadrian further improves the performance of follow-up shots after his Polybolos Punch.

    Polybolos Punch also grants 116% Physical Penetration for 10 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkStinging Shot

Upon landing a critical strike, Hadrian gains 80 Physical Penetration for 6 seconds. (stackable)

Embers MarkHot Shot

Polybolos Punch now burns the target, dealing 12K Physical Damage every second for 4 seconds.

Chione's MarkSerrated Ice

Polybolos Punch now additionaly grants Hadrian 80% Critical Damage Bonus for 8 seconds.

A hot shot pilot with years of experience, Hadrian is the highest scoring aviator in Atlantis, boasting his confirmed kills by applying victory decal skulls directly onto his beetle. With renewing turmoil in the kingdom, Hadrian is yet again conscripted into service and has high hopes of once more serving alongside his old compatriot, the Vainglorious Champion Leandros.

Hadrian flies into action riding a rhinoceros beetle mounted with a unique type of deadly repeating ballista known as the Polybolos. Enemies that oppose him on the battlefield find themselves buried in a hail of furious bolts, followed by a distant sound that can only be described as ominous buzzing.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Dark Enso of Reckoning

    Wheeling uninhibited into the air, Ku-tengu twists raw arcane energy into an accursed sphere of total annihilation that blasts his foes from above and dooms them to an agonizing fate.

    Deals 7.47K Magical Damage and curses all enemies for the next 12 seconds. Cursed enemies will take 6K True Damage (ignores defenses) upon landing a critical strike. (Level 50)

  • Blood Mist Cloak

    The overwhelming magic that surrounds Ku-tengu like a mantle of crimson fog at dawn allows those closeby to taste but a sample of his full power.

    Creates an aura around him, granting nearby allies enhanced basic attacks that deal a bonus 3K True Damage (ignores defenses). (Level 50)

  • Sinister Demon’s Bond

    Tendrils of arcane energy bind Ku-tengu to his allies, discharging onto the battlefield in baleful throes of magic whenever a fetter is broken.

    Upon the first ally death, Ku-tengu deals 8.94K True Damage (ignores defenses) to all enemies. (Level 50)

  • Unmitigated Madness

    Ku-tengu’s mask surges with power beyond mortal comprehension, amplifying his strength but also driving him further into total insanity.

    Dark Enso of Reckoning now enhances Ku-tengu's basic attacks, dealing a bonus 4.28K True Damage (ignores defenses) for the next 12 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkDreadful Gale

Dark Enso of Reckoning now also reduces Critical Damage Bonus by 50% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkCrimson Rush

Upon landing a critical strike, Ku-tengu gains 35% Basic Attack Damage for 5 seconds. (non-stackable)

Chione's MarkRecondite Floes

Upon landing a critical strike, Ku-tengu grants all other allies 15% Basic Attack Damage for 5 seconds. (non-stackable)

Mad with overwhelming and destructive energy that radiates from within the red mask that Ku-tengu wears, his allegiances to the Budo Clan are as enigmatic as his dark power. He came to Atlantis by order of his daimyo lord, but Ku-tengu’s reasons for staying are his own.

Ku-tengu was once a neophyte wizard employed by the imperial shogunate. Originally named Kurama, he helped the grand wizard, Abe no Seimei, oversee matters of divination and protecting the Kunai emperor with rituals to banish evil spirits. But he was also impatient and hungry for power, and when the grand wizard was occupied with other matters, Kurama stole an ancient Tengu goblin mask from the royal vault, transforming himself into a twisted, demonic wizard upon placing the mask over his face. Now known as Ku-tengu, he defeated Abe no Seimei in a wizard duel and absconded from the imperial palace, making his way through the forests of Kunai until he arrived in Budo Clan territory. While considered an enemy of the shogunate, Ku-tengu was allowed to remain in Budo lands so long as he pledged his power to their daimyo lord, Takeda. It remains unknown if his loyalty will be as strong as his dark Tengu powers.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Curse of Malady

    Appealing to the spirits, Sagango waves his magicked fetish staff and conjures a foul curse that affects all foes on the battlefield.

    Applies a curse dealing 3.3K Magical Damage each second for 7 seconds to all enemies. (Level 50)

  • Siphoning Blight

    The spirits always demand more of Sagango, and by repeatedly striking an enemy, he is granted the opportunity to drain an enemy’s life force.

    Each basic attack has a 15% chance to apply a curse to his target, dealing 4.96K Magical Damage each second, for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Heightened Delirium

    Sagango draws upon the astral essence trapped within the effigy strapped on his back to further empower his fetish staff, lowering all enemies resistance to magic when cursed.

    Curse of Malady now reduces 29.7% Magical Defense from all enemies for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Dark Prosperity

    Death is a natural part of life, and no one knows this better than a dark spirit sorcerer, allowing Sagango to capture the magical energy of a fallen ally.

    Upon the first ally death, Sagango gains 2.61K Magical Ability Power for 10 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkSeal of Malady

Curse of Malady now deals 2X damage to his target.

Embers MarkCrippling Hellfire

Curse of Malady additionally applies mortal wounds to all enemies, reducing all healing by 50% for 5 seconds.

Chione's MarkBitter Magic

Permanently sacrifices 15% Magical Defense and Physical Defense for 75% increased Magical Ability Power. (purge and cleanse immune)

Having mastered communing with dark spirits at an early age, Sagango was directed to leave his island nation in the west, as incorporeal beings often want something from those that call them and dark spirits always want more essence.

This sojourn led him into the eastern deserts where he encountered an opposing high priest of the Daybreak Oracle. Sagango petitioned the dark spirits, offering to slay the priest in exchange for more power... and they agreed. In that moment, he was able to unleash a new kind of curse that ravaged the priest with a deadly malady. Following through with the pact, he captured the high priest’s soul within a doll-shaped effigy and fashioned their skull into a fetish for his staff, which Sagango now uses to bolster the dark spirits he calls upon.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Deviant Shadowbind

    Nyx pinpoints an easy mark and focuses dark arcane power into her crystalline bow that paralyzes her quarry with a bolt of shadow.

    Targets the enemy with the lowest health, dealing 18.87K Magical Damage and stunning them for 2 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Crossfire Rebel

    It takes mere moments for prey to get caught up in her barrage of quick shots, allowing Nyx to drain their power and bolster her assault.

    Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack steals 5.04K Basic Attack Damage from her target for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Misfit Quills

    Nyx delights in taking advantage of hapless suckers that stray into her crosshairs and will sharply punish them for overstaying their welcome.

    Following 3 basic attacks, the next attack steals 1.8K Magical Ability Power or Physical Ability Power (whichever is highest) for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Thunderstroke

    The air around Nyx begins to pulse with remnant energy as she loosens a stream of knocked arrows until suddenly her foe is struck with enervation.

    Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack steals 208 Magical Penetration or Physical Penetration (whichever is highest) for 6 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkTwister Sister

Deviant Shadowbind additionally freezes her target's Energy Generation for 8 seconds.

Embers MarkDefiant Embers

Nyx permanently gains 2.5K Magical Ability Power. (purge immune)

Chione's MarkPiercing Chill

Deviant Shadowbind now stuns her target for 5 seconds and purges all buffs.

Impertinent and willful, Nyx the Bricolage Ranger has a do-it-yourself attitude and moves to the beat of her own drum. With the tips of her mohawk hair dyed deep purple to match her glam face paint, she brings a counter-culture style to the battlefield.

The progeny of an ancient race that resettled above ground in the Peaks of Areion, the elven Lazuli are born with an affinity for the arcane that tints their skin a pale blue and blanches their hair. Although customary for young magic users to apprentice with a sorcerer, Nyx balked at tradition and impulsively joined a motley crew of rangers hunting centaurs for sport in the Dryadic Wilds. Impatient to join the fun, she conjured a crystalline bow from the ether capable of siphoning combat performance from her targets and leapt onto the field like it was a mosh pit.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Umbral Flames

    Stoking the fires of his infernal pyre, Rhalgo draws out volatile energy that devastates three hapless foes with progressively stronger blasts.

    Launches 3 magical projectiles at random enemies, dealing 5.59K, 11.19K and 22.37K Magical Damage per projectile, respectively. (Level 50)

  • Dark Arts

    The malefic spiritual energies contained within the fires of his accursed pyre sometimes empower Rhalgo with additional strength.

    Each basic attack has a 15% chance to grant himself 43.1% Basic Attack Damage for 4.5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Sulphurous Wrath

    As twisted balefire chars his enemies, Rhalgo fixates on destroying his current foe and invokes a blighted flame to consume their very soul.

    Umbral Flames now launches an additional magical projectile at his primary target for 11.67K Magical Damage and reduces their Magical Defense by 21.7% for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Font of Power

    Rhalgo’s immense cunning as a spellmaster burgeons on the battlefield and he eventually overwhelms his enemies as the fight prolongs.

    Every other basic attack grants Rhalgo 152 Magical Ability Power permanently. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkHowling Zephyr

Basic attacks have a 15% chance to reduce target 's Resilience by 100 for 5 seconds. (non-stackable)

Embers MarkInfernal Exploits

Each basic attack has a 15% chance to launch an extra magical projectile at the most injured enemy and deal 20K Magical Damage.

Chione's MarkBitter Conversion

Increases Basic Attack Speed by 25% and reduces Basic Attack Damage by 10%. (purge immune)

Rhalgo serves as the spellcasting master of the legendary Raptor Squad, blasting his foes from afar with the same agility and finesse as the trained velociraptor companion he rides into battle.

The umbral power that Rhalgo commands is owed partially to his jade adorned raptor, Amber Lady. Utilizing his beast as a medium, Rhalgo extracted twisted spiritual energies from the Nether Realm until they manifested as an infernal pyre. Revered among his nomadic race, the Drogmol, many believe Rhalgo to be the divine reincarnation of the first raptor rider. A common sight to see in the wake of wandering Drogmol war tribes are small shrines in his honor–complete with offerings and incense–hoping to bring them good fortune and protection in their many battles and raids into enemy lands.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Shinobi Strike

    The chi energy Hiromi seals within her giant shuriken imbues herself with power after it has finished tearing through foes on the battlefield.

    Deals 19.63K Physical Damage to her primary target and bounces to 3 additional enemies randomly before returning to her and granting 33.4% Basic Attack Damage for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Fuma Shuriken

    The four points on Hiromi’s gigantic throwing star shred apart enemies and the air itself like a frenzied wind demon.

    Every attack has a 25% chance to additionally bounce to a random target, dealing 14.77K Physical Damage. (Level 50)

  • Way of the Ninja

    Hiromi attacks swiftly and with purpose, never letting up against her enemy, as the skill of the ninja is the art of winning.

    Upon landing a critical strike, Hiromi gains 48.8% increased Basic Attack Speed for 3 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Code of Honor

    Upholding the ethics of the shinobi, Hiromi will empower her allies should she face dishonor from being directly attacked.

    Upon taking any damage for the first time, all allies gain 27.4% Critical Strike Chance for 10 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkFuuton Recovery

Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack heals Hiromi for 20K health.

Embers MarkKaton Burst

Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack deals a bonus 3K True Damage (ignores defenses).

Chione's MarkHyoton Freeze

Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack reduces her target’s Physical Defense by 25% for 5 seconds.

Capable of moving as quickly and silently as she attacks, Hiromi has been sent to scout the region of Atlantis for possible threats to her feudal and reclusive island nation of Kunai.

Raised since childhood by the imperial shogunate, Hiromi has always carried out secretive tasks that serve the best interests of her daimyo lord Takeda, leader of the esteemed Budo clan. Her profound fealty and expertise as a shinobi have been praised by many and she is considered to be one of the finest warriors ever produced in Kunai. While capable with a katana, the giant and deadly Fuma Shuriken is Hiromi’s true weapon of choice, allowing her to strike at a distance and devastate her enemies without being seen. Now a master kunoichi, Hiromi embodies the way of the ninja, by enduring, surviving, and prevailing over all that would destroy her lord and her clan.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Noxious Javelins

    Taking a mouthful of liquid into his mouth, Peltrast coats two of his javelins in a spray of virulent poison before hurling them at his foe.

    Deals 8.03K True Damage (ignores defenses) and poisons the target, dealing an additional 4.19K True Damage (ignores defenses) every second for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • The Ranger’s Strike

    An adept woodland skirmisher, Peltrast can sometimes inflict a lethal poison that violently courses through his enemy.

    Basic attacks have a 50% chance to deal a bonus 1.84K True Damage (ignores defenses) and purge one beneficial buff from his target. (Level 50)

  • Dark Toxicology

    Peltrast brews a foul batch of poisonous miasma that seeps into his victim’s armor and eats away at their defense as they struggle to fight.

    Noxious Javelins now applies a vile toxin to the target for 12 seconds. While affected, every basic attack by the enemy reduces their Physical Defense by 216 for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Pernicious Downfall

    Every death on the battlefield temporarily bolsters the destructive strength of Peltrast’s javelins and paralyzes the next enemy hit.

    When any ally or enemy falls, his next basic attack deals 10.39K True Damage (ignores defenses) to the enemy with the lowest health and stuns them for 4 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkPoisonous Gale

Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack applies mortal wounds to a random enemy, reducing all healing by 100% for 5 seconds.

Embers MarkMephitic Coals

Following 2 basic attacks, Peltrast throws an additional spear at a random enemy that deals 6K True Damage (ignores defenses) every second for 5 seconds.

Chione's MarkTainted Slurry

Following 2 basic attacks, Peltrast throws an additional spear at a random enemy that reduces their Basic Attack Speed by 31% for 5 seconds.

Peltrast the Centaurian Skirmisher is both a master poisoner and adept ranger of the forests, protecting his homeland from all would-be intruders and responding to threats with a volley of toxic javelins.

In the Dryadic Wilds where centaurs call their home, Peltrast roams through the overgrown deciduous trees, hunting his enemies and gathering ingredients for his poisons. Once his next target is chosen, his javelin attacks will succeed one another with increasing virulency until his foe is paralyzed by severe pain. As the deadly toxins begin to spread, they are racked by unspeakable afflictions before eventually succumbing to the poison. Through all this agony, his victim remains fully conscious of the unravelling horrors Peltrast has inflicted upon them. Life in the forest is both perilous and indifferent.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Lingering Frostbite

    Elder Khumbu raises his staff over his head and conjures a whirling ball of magical frost which he aims directly at his foe like an icy wrecking ball.

    Deals 15.03K Magical Damage to the target and causes them to become vulnerable, removing all base Magical Defense for 5.36 seconds (Level 50)

  • Boreal Influence

    Conjuring the magical frost that Khumbu launches at his enemy also coats his esoteric staff in a layer of frozen crystal, empowering his attacks.

    Casting Lingering Frostbite permanently increases Khumbu's Basic Attack Damage by 3.24K. (Level 50)

  • Furious Snowstorm

    The Icefall Clan like to tell their children cautionary tales of how Elder Khumbu is known to sometimes harness the power and fury of a blizzard, so that they always behave themselves around him.

    Each basic attack has a 10% chance to permanently grant 270 Magical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Stubborn as an Ox

    Seeing the downfall of others spurns Khumbu to fight on with an inspired burst of speed and the same ornery determination as his sturdy muskox.

    When any ally or enemy falls, Khumbu gains 22.8% Basic Attack Speed for 40 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkIcebound

Lingering Frostbite now additionally grants all allies Basic Attack Damage by 8%. (stackable, purge immune)

Embers MarkEngulfing Frostfire

Lingering Frostbite also permanently reduces the target’s Magical Defense by 100. (stacking, cleanse immune)

Chione's MarkSnowbound

Casting Lingering Frostbite now grants all allies 5% Life Steal permanently. (stacking, cleanse immune)

As the Icefall Clan elder, Khumbu sagely leads his people according to Chione’s will to protect her sacred lands from harm, but do not let his wizened old age fool you… he is still an incredible force to be reckoned with.

Khumbu has always been a reliable presence to the people in Hoarfrost Mountains. He helped raise the Icewinds Cleric Atalanta until she left to become the emissary to Atlantis. He became Vulpresa’s mentor after the goddess of winter imbued her with ice magic. He taught Uki how to spearfish as a child and he would join Serac on his hunts for both enemies and big game. The bonds he made were strong but one by one, the Icefall Clan dwindled as each had left to combat the undead threat. When Uki sent back word that he was needed at the capital, Khumbu saddled his mighty muskox and left the only home he’s ever known to reunite with the only family he has ever had.


Physical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Parting Thunderclap

    Charging his cannon to full power, Iron Dragon launches a ball of reticulated lightning from the backline, dealing massive damage and sundering the armor of his foe on impact.

    Deals 55.4K Physical Damage to the nearest target and reduces 54.8 % Physical Defense for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Talos Reckoning

    Iron Dragon seizes every opportunity to punish enemies of the Talos in the name of Queen Kahara, catching his foes in disarray and blasting them with renewed fury.

    Upon any enemy death, Iron Dragon gains 131 Physical Penetration and immediately casts Parting Thunderclap without any cost. (Level 50)

  • Judgement Bolt

    As Iron Dragon’s main processor shuts down, all remaining energy stores are released and strike the closest enemy with a powerful lightning bolt.

    Upon death, Iron Dragon deals 55.4K Physical Damage to the nearest target. (Level 50)

  • Charging Dragon

    Every cannon blast leaves behind a surplus of residual energy that heightens combat output even further.

    Parting Thunderclap also permanently increases 705 Physical Ability Power. Whenever an enemy is killed by Parting Thunderclap, Iron Dragon gains an additional 3.96K Basic Attack Damage, for 60 seconds. (Passive cast excluded) (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkSiphoning Breath

Whenever an enemy is killed by Parting Thunderclap, Iron Dragon permanently gains 10% Life Steal. (Passive cast excluded, Stackable, Purge Immune)

Embers MarkPiercing Dragonfire

Whenever an enemy is killed by Parting Thunderclap, Iron Dragon permanently gains 20% Physical Penetration. (Passive cast excluded, Stackable, Purge Immune)

Chione's MarkDrifting Ice

Whenever an enemy is killed by Parting Thunderclap, Iron Dragon permanently gains 20% Basic Attack Speed. (Passive cast excluded, Stackable, Purge immune)

Speed, precision, and esoteric technology mark the advanced designs of an envoy chariot like Iron Dragon. Capable of traveling long distances with ease and knocking out enemies from afar, they are a vital asset to the Talos.

Produced in small numbers for only the Talos elite, envoy chariots are first and foremost self-piloting transportation vehicles, but are also able to defend themselves and their esteemed passengers by outputting powerful lightning strikes from a distance. Years after the Talos rebellion, Iron Dragon still remains in service to Queen Kahara, along with her appointed envoys and personal guard.


Magical Artillery

Preemptive StrikeStar: 5

The first Attack on each target deals 2X damage and stuns them for 2 seconds.


  • Fury of the Moon

    Changxi lifts her holy scepter of Luna into the air and invokes her dominion over the sky before bringing down the fury of the moon to reprimand her earthly enemies.

    Deals 13.37K True Damage (ignores defenses) to 3 random enemies and also punishes them for an additional 13.37K True Damage (ignores defenses) on their next basic attack. (Level 50)

  • Crescent Strike

    Those who oppose the clairvoyant will of Changxi are quickly struck down for their insolence.

    Every other basic attack deals an additional 17.4K Magical Damage to her target. (Level 50)

  • Lunar Punishment

    The moon is ever present, even when it may appear hidden, and those who try to hide from it’s purifying light may find themselves unexpectedly burned by it’s radiance.

    Basic attacks have a 20% chance to burn a random enemy for 13.74K Magical Damage every second for 3 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Wax and Wane

    Changxi wraps herself in a luminary shroud that continues to imbue her with lunar power even after the veil has been pierced.

    Changxi receives a 50K Health Shield at the beginning of a battle. While the shield is active, she gains 178 Magical Penetration and when the shield expires, she gains 20.2% Life Steal. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkLuminary Blast

Fury of the Moon also stuns 3 random enemies for 3 seconds.

Embers MarkBurning Radiance

Fury of the Moon also reduces Resilience of 3 random enemies by 150 for 5 seconds. (non-stackable)

Chione's MarkChilling Moonlight

Fury of the Moon also reduces Basic Attack Speed of 3 random enemies by 24.8% for 5 seconds.  (non-stackable)

An immaculate celestial being that resides in the royal Lunar Palace beyond the clouds, Changxi holds dominion over the sky and draws her power from the moon. Her holy scepter of Luna is made from the sacred essence of night, which can summon powerful lunar energy.

During her time in seclusion, Changxi has come to miss the companionship of mortals. Determined to establish new allies and form new bounds, she became the first of her kind to make the long journey to Atlantis. Although she is gentle and humble, Changxi shows no mercy to her enemies, a trait she shares with her fellow celestials.