Wartide Heroes


Physical Supportive Brawler


  • Frenzied Spike

    Channeling his rage into a single strike, Briarus impales his enemy while emboldening his allies.

    Deals 23.85K Physical Damage to enemy target, grants Briarus and all allies 1.76K Physical Ability Power for 9.58 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Beast Attack

    With the spirit of the great tiger flowing through his spear, Briarus' attacks culminate with beast-like ferocity.

    Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack grants Briarus 42% Critical Strike Chance for 7 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Fearsome Tribe

    Briarus pounds his chest, shouting ancient battle cries thus encouraging his allies to acts of bravery.

    When Briarus critically hits, all other allies gain 51.6% Critical Damage Bonus for 6.31 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Tiger's Fury

    Each Frenzied Spike has the members of Briarus' adopted tribe embrace the fury of the Great Tiger.

    Frenzied Spike now grants Briarus and all allies 37.6% Critical Strike Chance for 5 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkPrimal Air

Frenzied Spike now reduces all enemies 60 Resilience for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkPrimal Fire

When Briarus critically hits, he gains 20% Life Steal for 4.5 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkPrimal Strength

Briarus grants all allies 25% Critical Damage Bonus.

The hunter Briarus leads his soldiers to glory with a tranquility not often seen among the warriors of his tribe, though in the heat of battle his furor is unparalleled.

As a young warrior, Briarus trained in the image of his father, and planned to one day wear in his likeness a headdress of the mighty wolf. Those plans changed the day his father was killed in a vicious tiger attack. Tracking down and slaying the tiger as vengeance, Briarus now wears its skin as his headdress in honor of his father's leadership.


Magical Supportive Brawler


  • Ocean’s Embrace

    Megara appeals to her underwater origins, calling forth a beautiful but deadly tidal wave that engulfs all in its path.

    Deals 15.62K Magical Damage to enemies in front, reducing their Magical Defense by 159 for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Watery Grave

    With each slash of her blade, Megara renders her target vulnerable to her practiced magical attacks.

    Every attack reduces her target's Magic Defense by 115 for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Mera Army

    From the distant oceans, Megara summons the spiritual forces of her dynastic legions to grant magic to her allies.

    All allies gain 1.03K Magical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Sovereign's Chosen

    Megara selects an ally to be her knight and protector as she completes her conquest of the land.

    The ally deployed to the left of Megara at the start of battle gains a 30.9K Health Shield. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkPrevailing Seabreeze

Ocean’s Embrace now applies mortal wounds to enemies, reducing all healing by 75% for 15 seconds.

Embers MarkFiery Wave

Megara gains 60% Movement Speed and 66.7% Basic Attack Speed for 10 seconds at the start of battle.

Chione's MarkArctic Ward

Each time Megara loses 30% health, she gains a 40K Health Shield for 10 seconds.

Megara's conquest of dry land gives her ample opportunity to broaden her mystical alchemical abilities in battle.​

From the waters off the shores of Gaian Grove, Megara developed her land-traversing capabilities over many years. Over time it became as easy for her to glide across the ground as it was to swim across an expanse of ocean. It has always been a secret affinity for the culture of the Atlanteans that made Megara want to join their cause in battle above water.


Physical Brawler


  • Deathwing Assault

    With a dramatic but steadied technique, Thalassa dives in and cripples her target before disappearing into the darkness.

    Deals 16.75K Physical Damage and reduces her target's Physical Defense by 197 for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ambuscade

    Thalassa dashes in, concealing herself in the enemy's blindspot, and delivers a deep slash to the enemy before their first blink.

    At the start of battle, Thalassa gains 60% Movement Speed for 4 seconds and her first attack deals 11.26K bonus Physical Damage. (Level 50)

  • Killing Edge

    Thalassa sharpens her blades and hones her skills. Each flick of her wrist now becomes a potential fatality.

    Increases Critical Strike Chance by 27% (Level 50)

  • Corvine Lethality

    One strike, one kill. Thalassa's blades strike fast and unseen, with a sudden, new surge of power.

    Following 4 basic attacks, next attack deals 10.15K bonus Physical Damage. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkStormy Petrel

Thalassa permanently gains 30% Basic Attack Damage. (purge immune)

Embers MarkHeatstroke

Upon landing a critical hit, Thalassa gains 85 Physical Penetration for 10 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkShadow Glass

Deathwing Assault now additionally applies mortal wounds to target, reducing all healing by 75% for 18 seconds.

Dual blades gleaming, the assassin Thalassa dwells in the shadows of society, waiting patiently for her opportunity to strike.

From an early age, Thalassa found herself living as an outcast of Atlantean society, too small to qualify as a soldier and too brash to be trusted in political circles. It wasn’t until joining a gang of thieves as a young teenager that Thalassa found her true calling as a blade-wielding assailant. In her early career she was responsible for several high-profile public attacks that remained unsolved. A near escape after a betrayal and failed assassination attempt left Thalassa far more cautious and less trusting of the crime guilds she chose to call family.


Magical Brawler


  • Unbound Supernova

    Matilda channels a concentrated orb of mana in the palm of her hand until it reaches a crescendo and explodes in a radiant blast of arcane power.

    Deals 8.06K Magical Damage to enemies in an area around her. (Level 50)

  • Arcane Fidelity

    Matilda has seen more than her fair share of battles and magically enhances herself with an initial burst of speed and precision to quickly gain the upper hand.

    Gains 60% Movement Speed and 76.6% Critical Strike Chance for 6 seconds at the start of battle. (Level 50)

  • Covert Thaumaturgy

    Seizing opportunity when it is most advantageous, Matilda evokes a sudden tempest of potent energy whenever her cutting attacks pierce hardest.

    Upon landing a critical strike, Matilda deals 5K Magical Damage to enemies around her. (Level 50)

  • Prestidigitation

    The presence of Matilda on the battlefield opposite of her former comrades leaves them in a state of disarray and vulnerable to her attacks.

    Creates an aura around her that reduces nearby enemies Magical Defense by 143. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkDecaying Aura

Upon landing a critical strike, Matilda reduces target's Resilience by 50 for 6 seconds. (non-stackable)

Embers MarkScorching Aura

Upon landing a critical strike, Matilda reduces Magical Defense by 60 for 6 seconds to nearby enemies.

Chione's MarkChilling Presence

Matilda now periodically deals 2K Magical Damage to enemies around her every 2 seconds.

Once a member of the prestigious (and evil) Darkwood order of Mages and a former enemy to the Heroes of Atlantis, Matilda the Battle-mancer now fights for the good of the realm.

While the Darkwood Magus performed his Mana rituals, Matilda and her cohorts would be tasked to defend him, but after repeatedly witnessing Atlantean forces defeat her fellow Sorcerers, she began to question her own ambitions. Following her instincts, she decided to track the adventurers and gauge their capabilities but was caught out by bandits mistaking her for a Atlantean hero! Swift to the rescue, Leandros and his company had a profound effect on Matilda and she switched allegiances to fight beside her newfound comrades.


Physical Brawler


  • Threefold Sword Flourish

    Setsuna focuses the natural energy of the changing seasons into her sheathed katana before unleashing a devastating technique that slices her foe to ribbons with power derived from snow, the moon, and flowers.

    A triple strike attack that deals 26.93K Physical Damage, reduces Basic Attack Speed by 16.5% and freezes Energy Generation for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Peerless Viper Strike

    With the swiftness of a hidden snake attacking from the brush, Setsuna pierces her enemy and leaves them hemorrhaging from their wounds.

    Threefold Sword Flourish additionally bleeds the target for 3.49K Physical Damage every second for 15 seconds. If the target casts their active ability during this time, they will also be stunned for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Heavenly Sakura Bloom

    Budding cherry blossom petals unfold around Setsuna with each decisive blow she makes, creating an elegant display of her bravura.

    Upon landing a critical strike, Setsuna permanently gains 117 Physical Ability Power. (Level 50)

  • Iron Sparrow Thrust

    Many samurai admire the small and simple sparrow, for the noble bird has a resolute heart of iron and it sings the call of loyalty and honor.

    Every attack has a 20% chance to deal a bonus 12.86K True Damage (ignores defenses). (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkRushing Wind

Setsuna permanently gains 50% Movement Speed. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkBlazing Lotus

Setsuna starts battle with 25% increased Basic Attack Speed for 15 seconds.

Chione's MarkTrembling Snowcloak

Threefold Sword Flourish now permanently reduces the target’s Physical Defense by 175. (stackable, cleanse immune)

Noble in her own right and trained in both military tactics and grand strategy, Setsuna is considered to be equal in skill to her daimyo lord, Takeda. A brilliant warrior with an air of dignity, she represents the best of the Budo Clan.

Setsuna earned her title as Sakura Samurai through her elegant combat techniques. She draws from aspects of the natural world to create a graceful and dynamic battle motif known as Setsugekka. This refined fighting style is modeled after cherry blossoms, birds, beasts, and even the very seasons. Setsuna creates beauty from the chaos of warfare, each swing of her sword so sophisticated and perfect that the very nature around her harmonizes with her movements, giving them even more power. Passed down from generation to generation by the Kunai imperial aristocracy, Setsugekka is a well-guarded secret few know and even fewer master.


Magical Brawler


  • Rigor Mortis

    Just as he once did in life, Crixus brings his gladiator spatha to his chest and readies himself to perform a devastating attack that leaves his foes on the brink of death.

    Deals 10.53K Magical Damage to enemies in an area around him and applies mortal wounds, reducing all healing by 75% for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ghoulish Strength

    Becoming an undead risen has endowed Crixus with phenomenal strength that he only dreamed of achieving while he was alive.

    Crixus permanently gains 1.62K Basic Attack Damage. (Level 50)

  • Reanimated Zeal

    As a skeletal revenant free of the heavy flesh and meat that once weighed down his mortal body, Crixus now fights with unburdened agility.

    While above 75% health, Basic Attack Speed is increased by 23.2%. While below 75% health, Crixus cleanses himself upon taking damage. (Level 50)

  • Death Rattle

    Enemies that are near Crixus when he falls in battle find their defenses mysteriously weakened by a supernatural force.

    Upon death, Crixus reduces the Magical Defense of nearby enemies by 338 until the end of battle. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkChilling Vortex

Rigor Mortis now also randomly purges one buff from enemies in an area around him.

Embers MarkCharred Marrow

Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack reduces his target’s Magical Defense by 600 for 3 seconds. (cleanse immune)

Chione's MarkFrigid Recovery

Rigor Mortis now additionally heals Crixus for 50K health.

Crixus the Risen Gladiator was once an arena combatant of substantial renown and continues his fight for fortune and glory even after his untimely death.

In many of the far-flung taverns across the realm, tales of the undead pass between the lips of adventures and bandits alike, but none could have ever expected one of them to stride through the gates of Atlantis, seeking mercenary work. No longer driven to hear the cheering crowds of the coliseums where he once fought in life, Crixus seems satisfied with only the terrified screams of his enemies... and a steady supply of glittering gold coins.


Magical Brawler


  • High Voltage

    Charging his main batteries to full, Farad Prime generates a massive amount of electricity that explodes in a wave of electromagnetic energy.

    Deals 15.81K Magical Damage to the target and all nearby enemies and also reduces Basic Attack Speed by 11.8% for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Galvanized Steel

    The perfect Talos soldier, Farad Prime wears his opponent down through repeated attacks that both hinder his enemy and enhance himself.

    Each basic attack steals 55 Resilience from the target for 1.04 seconds and also has a 50% chance to purge one beneficial buff. (Level 50)

  • Talos Resurgence

    Farad Prime will absorb the remaining energy of fallen allies to replenish himself, benefitting the most from his destroyed Talos brethren.

    Upon the death of any ally, Farad Prime will heal himself for 10.2K health every second for 5 seconds. If the fallen ally is a Talos hero, the healing will be doubled. (Level 50)

  • Alternating Currents

    As his energy stores are depleted and renewed, the electrical currents that flow through Farad Prime alternate their pathways and change his behavior in combat.

    While above 60% health, Basic Attack Speed is increased by 13.5%. While below 60% health, Farad Prime gains 240Magical and Physical Defense. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkRelentless Spark

For every 30% health lost, Farad Prime gains stun immunity for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkBlazing Rush

For every 30% health lost, Farad Prime gains 50% Basic Attack Speed for 10 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkFrost Absorption

For every 30% health lost, Farad Prime absorbs all incoming damage for the next 3 seconds.

Specifically created for the purpose of protecting the leader of the Talos, Farad Prime is considered to be the best soldier of his type.

Few can withstand repeated attacks by a Talos automaton for very long, let alone from the personal guard of Talos Queen Kahara herself. Farad Prime is a technical marvel of Talos engineering - a living embodiment of lightning and steel, capable of mass destruction when allowed freedom on the battlefield. He exists solely to serve the Talos and defend the Gaian Groves and his Queen by any means necessary.