Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Champion Clash

    Leandros issues a shield stun, followed by a few confident swings of his blade to cut down his enemy.

    Gains a 31.64K point Health Shield and stuns target for 2 seconds, dealing 9.58K physical damage. (Level 50)

  • Inspiring Captain

    A great leader inspires bravery and morale in his troops from the first call to arms.

    The ally deployed to the left of Leandros at the start of battle gains an additional 11.57K Maximum Health. (Level 50)

  • General's Rally

    Seasoned veteran Leandros motivates his allies with bravado and strength.

    All allies gain 7.74K Maximum Health. (Level 50)

  • Commander's Resolve

    Leandros raises his gladius and inspires his allies with additional tenacity.

    Allies start with 99.5 bonus Physical Defense. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkParalyzing Gust

Champion Clash now stuns all enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Embers MarkBoiling Point

Upon death, Leandros grants all allies a 26K Health Shield for 14 seconds.

Chione's MarkFrost Barrier

The first cast of Champion Clash grants all other allies a 20K point Health Shield for 12 seconds.

The commander Leandros has gained a reputation for rushing into fights and asking questions later.

A dauntless hoplite and occasional lothario, Leandros was born and raised in the kingdom and always knew he would serve the army as a fearless leader. He did lose some ground with the elder military council early on as a young officer when he planned and carried out a midnight ambush on a squadron of his own men.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Blade Typhoon

    Like the forces of a raging ocean storm, Zoe's blade damages all enemies around her.

    Deals 22.12K Physical Damage to all nearby enemies. (Level 50)

  • Armored Seashell

    When her vitality begins to suffer, Zoe conjures an impenetrable shield around herself, absorbing damage.

    When her health falls below 35%, Zoe gains a Health Shield absorbing up to 52.25K damage. (Level 50)

  • Second Wind

    Unwilling to even consider retreat, Zoe musters a last effort to defeat her enemy.

    Gains 81.6% Basic Attack Damage when below 50% health. (Level 50)

  • Maelstrom Cleave

    In the furious wake of each swing, Zoe's blade strikes all enemies before her.

    All basic attacks deal 3.87K Physical Damage to nearby enemies. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkSurging Typhoon

For every 10% health lost, Zoe gains 10% Magical and Physical Defense and Resilience for 30 seconds.

Embers MarkFire Nova

Following 3 basic attacks, the next attack deals 35K Physical Damage in an area around her.

Chione's MarkChilling Slice

Blade Typhoon now reduces enemies Physical Defense by 30% for 10 seconds.

Zoe and her steed stand guard, patrolling with the blade of the ocean's waves.

Growing up around horses, Zoe always knew she would one day master combat tactics from the saddle of her most trusted steed. To gain poise and balance she practiced gymnastics and acrobatics along with daily hand-to-hand blade training. With years of study she mastered careful control of her weapon from horseback.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Templar's Grace

    Jocasta charges her shield with protective holy light, then smites her enemies with all the strength of Templar justice.

    Deals 11.76K Magical Damage to her target and nearby enemies, and heals herself for 27.6K. (Level 50)

  • Pilgrim's Companion

    Jocasta offers a restorative blessing to any traveler joining her cause.

    Upon casting Templar's Grace for the first time, the ally initially deployed to Jocasta's right will be healed for 24.93K health. (Level 50)

  • Bearer of the Trine

    Jocasta's gleaming trident penetrates the chaos of battle, and bathes her enemies in a cleansing holy light.

    Following 5 basic attacks, her next attack deals 18.62K Magical Damage to enemies around her. (Level 50)

  • Dying Light

    Jocasta's holy light restores the vitality of her allies as her own fades.

    When Jocasta dies, all allies are healed for 19.4K. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkWelkin Splendor

Jocasta permanently gains 20% base Magical and Physical Defense. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkDying Flame

Upon dropping below 30% health for the first time, Jocasta returns 4K Physical Damage back to ranged attackers for 20 seconds.

Chione's MarkArctic Light

Templar's Grace now additionaly purges all buffs from enemies hit.

Jocasta the Wanderer, renowned for her elegant combat tactics, traverses the land in search of causes worthy of her mighty trident and shield.

As the last remnant of the Order of the Trine, an ancient alliance of knights in the name of Poseidon, Jocasta carries the burden of bearing their message as her own crusade. In the name of the fearsome lord of the sea she pursues a pilgrimage to find others who might someday take up the banner of the Trine alongside her.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Iron Bulwark

    Taking the ultimate defensive stance, Tethoros immobilizes and slams his shields together, dealing damage while raising his own defenses.

    Deals 7.39K Physical Damage to target, and gains 1.68K Physical Defense for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Readied Armaments

    Always prepared, Tethoros begins battle with the assurance only a health shield can bring.

    Begins battle with a damage shield absorbing up to 36.56K damage. (Level 50)

  • Shared Shields

    The clashes of a thousand battles infuse the shields of Tethoros with a defensive aura.

    Grants himself and allies around him 106 Physical Defense. (Level 50)

  • Aegis of Reflection

    As the 10,000th sword shattered against Tethoros's defenses, the goddess Athena granted him an impenetrable shield to deter war.

    Upon reaching 50% health, Tethoros returns 2.5K damage back for each attack he received. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkTempest Ward

Iron Bulwark now grants Tethoros 50% Magical Defense for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkBranded Bulwark

Every other basic attack deals 3K Physical Damage and reduces the enemies Physical Defense by 100 for 8 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkGlacial Armor

Iron Bulwark now returns 1.4K Physical Damage back to each attacker.

The decorated general Tethoros raises his matching shield halves like an impenetrable wall on the field of battle, ever since a well-placed sword thrust nearly stole his vital breath.

The shell-insignia shield of Tethoros was bequeathed to him through a decree from King Atlas after a particularly nasty encounter on the battlefield with a practiced bandit swordsman. The shrewd king recognized the value in the officer Tethoros as a tactician and motivator of men in the face of great danger and faltering morale.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Siphoning Roots

    Grappling his opponent with his enchanted roots, Akanth drains them of their vital life essence while replenishing his own.

    Deals 6.87K Physical Damage to target and heals himself for 12.01K health every second for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Thorn Barrier

    Akanth grows thorns from his tough bark, inspiring the ally next to him.

    The ally deployed to the right of Akanth gains 1.02K Physical Ability Power and 29.2% Life Steal. (Level 50)

  • Sap Restoration

    Akanth projects an aura of verdant energy, allowing him to regrow damage he's sustained.

    Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack heals self for 13.12K. (Level 50)

  • Tree of Life

    Reaching deep within his ancient wellspring of vitality, Akanth continuously heals himself after receiving grievous harm.

    Upon dropping below 40% health, Akanth heals himself for 5.4K every second, indefinitely. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkFalling Leaves

Siphoning Roots now permanently grants Akanth 120 Magical and Physical Defense. (stackable)

Embers MarkCauterized Bark

Siphoning Roots additionally grants Akanth 300% Life Steal for 12 seconds.

Chione's MarkFrigid Roots

Siphoning Roots now additionaly cleanses all debuffs currently applied to Akanth.

The ground shakes beneath the steps of Akanth, a mighty protector of the dark and mysterious forests of the Dryadic Wilds.

A watchful guardian from the ancient age of the Dryads, Akanth patrols the canopied corridors of the living forest. Though their true origins are unknown, many Atlanteans believe that Akanth once existed as an olive tree. According to legend Athena blessed the tree after it survived a great war; soon after, Akanth drew their first breath, took their first steps, and became a sentinel of the Wilds. Not much known is about Akanth’s mysterious caretaker, known only as the Gardener. It is assumed that they met along one of Akanth’s many journeys. They are inseparable and work together to protect the forest from intruders.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Talos Collider

    The colossal machine Kahara activates the latent functions of her weapon, critically striking an enemy to its core and energizing her own outer shields in the process.

    Deals 14.5K Magical Damage to her target and increases her own Magical Defense by 311 for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Talos Machine March

    Kahara arrives on the battlefield, and her magnificent, gleaming form leaves her foes in paralyzing awe.

    Reduces the Magical Ability Power of nearby enemies by 1.47K. (Level 50)

  • Talos Overload

    Kahara unlocks her Talos Collider's dormant abilities and turns incoming attacks into devastating energy pulses.

    The Talos Collider deploys a reflection shield dealing 5.08K Magical Damage to all ranged attackers for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Absolute Territory

    Kahara calculates the time required to defeat her remaining enemies, and projects a powerful shield.

    Grants herself and allies around her 191 Magical Defense. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkBreath of Talos

Talos Collider now additionally heals Kahara for 5K every second for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkExplosive Pyre

Upon death, Kahara deals 50K Magical Damage to enemies in a small radius around her.

Chione's MarkFuel Injection

Kahara permanently gains 35% Magical Ability Power. (purge immune)

Standing tall over the heads of human soldiers, Kahara the Automaton Queen rules her loyal followers with a steady hand rather than her iron fist.

Once the ruler of a Children of Talos tribe, Kahara was well-known as a fair and judicious leader among her automaton subjects. In the aftermath of the Talos Rebellion, Kahara emerged as a sensible and rational matriarch who could lead the Children of Talos to freedom and independence far from the watchful eye of their human creators. But her fate seemed sealed after a cowardly ambush by fearful Atlanteans left her beaten and broken. Fortunately, her tribe was able to repair her, infusing her with a crystalline energy matrix that gave her more strength than any Child of Talos had known before.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Iron Palm Slam

    Raising her tower shield above her head, Astrid imbues the Iron Hand of Jotunn and releases a wave of force against her enemy.

    Deals 19.16K Physical Damage and steals 287 Physical Defense from her target for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Mighty Resilience

    Along with her fellow warrior sisters, Astrid has been trained by the Jotunn to stand tall and remain vigilant against any threats.

    For every 10% health lost, Astrid gains 450 Physical Defense for 4.5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Talk to the Hand

    Astrid is unable to contain her zeal and as enemies strike against her tower shield, they find their blows are mirrored back at them.

    Iron Palm Slam empowers Astrid to reflect back 11.91K Physical Damage to all attackers for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Shieldmaiden’s Vow

    The ally who falls first in battle must be honored, for it is said that their spirit will be reborn within a shieldmaiden to continue the battle.

    When her first ally falls, Astrid gains a Health Shield absorbing up to 40.06K damage. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkShieldmaiden’s Prayer

Astrid now permanently grants all allies 100 Resilience.(purge immune)

Embers MarkMelted Iron

Astrid now reduces all enemies Critical Strike Chance by 8%.

Chione's MarkCold Hands

Astrid now reduces all enemies Critical Damage Bonus by 25%. (cleanse immune)

Within giantess society is a warrior-caste of shieldmaidens known as the Iron Hand of Jotunn. As one of their elite defenders, Astrid protects the smallfolk with a tower shield that is as large and formidable as she is. Her imposing appearance and mastery in battle inspires admiration in her allies and fear in her enemies.

As the Iron Hand of Jotunn marched home from an excursion to rid their northern homelands of yet another threatening monster, they were approached by children from a nearby township of smallfolk. Unlike the adults in the village, who stayed indoors and peered from their windows, the children were seemingly unafraid of the giantess warriors. One of the children was so enamored with the sisters, that they asked how to become as big and strong as the Jotunn themselves. Astrid stood beside them, nearly tripling their size, and let out a booming and joyful laugh. That was the day she decided to fight for more than just honor and glory, it was time for the world to know of the Jotunn.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Vigilant Bash

    Sejiwan rears back on her trusty mount Gristle, then releases a shockwave crippling her enemies.

    Hits enemies at her sides and in front of her for 15.59K Physical Damage, stuns primary target for 2.5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Sharpened Horns

    As her life force is lost, Sejiwan invokes her inner strength gaining more offensive power.

    For every 10% health lost, gains a 39.3% Basic Attack Speed for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Hardened Horns

    Sejiwan’s trusty steed can inspire her to persist in battle, granting her extra defenses.

    Each basic attack has a 50% chance to gain a 129 Physical Defense for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Vigorous Rally

    At the defeat of an enemy, Sejiwan is fueled to finish the fight, delivering a crushing blow to her foe.

    When an enemy falls, her next basic attack will deal 13.65K additional Physical Damage and stuns the target 4 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkLashing Stance

When battle starts, Sejiwan gains 100% Magical Defense for 30 seconds.

Embers MarkBlazing Stance

Sejiwan starts the battle with an additional 100% Physical Defense for 30 seconds.

Chione's MarkWeathered Endurance

Sejiwan creates an aura around her, increasing allies Movement Speed by 40%.

Hailing from a far-flung hilltop village, Sejiwan and her mountain ram Gristle ride into war with a combined fury of steel and stone-hard horns, destined to smash aside all challengers in Atlantis.

It is traditional in Sejiwan’s village for riders to chose their own mounts when they have reached maturity. Knowing that no normal goat would suffice, she went searching for a truly worthy companion, eventually happening upon an large ornery ram beset by bandits. Joining the battle, Sejiwan leapt onto the beast and together they fended off the attack, sending the outlaws hurtling. They have been inseparable ever since.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Aegis of Splendor

    Gesturing with her hands, Nouri directs her cache of enchanted reliquaries to protect herself from harm while she continues the assault.

    Enters a defensive state, granting herself a 84.72K Health Shield for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Dazzling Scimitar

    Every so often, the floating sabre beside Nouri begins to gleam, temporarily endowing her with a burst of unparalleled agility.

    Each basic attack has a 10% chance to grant Nouri 180% Basic Attack Speed for 8 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Miraculous Curio

    Through her travels in Atlantis, Nouri has learned new ways to augment her reliquaries, empowering their protective barrier to also restore her vitality.

    Aegis of Splendor additionally cleanses one debuff from Nouri and heals herself for 25.12K health. (Level 50)

  • Open Sesame

    By invoking a familiar magical phrase during combat, one of her assorted treasure chests may open and bestow Nouri with additional endurance.

    Every basic attack has a 20% chance to grant Nouri a 12.29K Health Shield for 5 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkAir Shield

Aegis of Splendor now additionally grants Nouri Magical and Physical Defense by 100% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkTempered Treasures

Aegis of Splendor additionally grants Nouri 100% Life Steal for 12 seconds.

Chione's MarkReflective Ice

Aegis of Splender additionally reflects 3.2K Magical Damage back to all enemies while the barrier persists.

Armed with a cache of enchanted treasure, ranging from weapons and equipment to antique trinkets, the search for fortune and excitement has lead Nouri to the war-torn lands of Atlantis.

Although she had an opulent lifestyle at home, Nouri longed for wealth and success in her own right. Not content to just wait around for her inheritance, she absconded from the family estate and began to plunder burial places of the affluent. Nouri reasoned that the belongings of the deceased were free for the taking and she saw their tombs are her personal emporium. It wasn't just riches she discovered in the crypts, but also powerful relics that could aid her in combat.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Igneous Mantle

    Konamele roars with the power of a magmatic eruption, spewing lava into the air that becomes a protective coat of cinder as it cools.

    Gains 197% Magical Defense and Physical Defense for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Volcanic Favor

    Konamele blesses the ally backing him with a gift of splendid obsidian that enhances spells to deftly pierce their marks.

    The ally deployed behind Konamele has their Magical Penetration increased by 114. (Level 50)

  • Tectonic Plating

    Basaltic lava seeps from his body and hardens as Konamele is wounded, building upon the layers of rock that frame his molten core.

    For every 45% health lost, Konamele gains 291 Magical Defense for 18 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Lingering Ash

    A plume of volcanic ash rises from the caldera left in Konamele's wake and envelops his chosen ally in an insulating barrier.

    Upon death, the ally initially deployed behind Konamele gains a 42.58K Health Shield for 12 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkStorm Guard

Upon the death of any ally, Konamele gains a 50K Health Shield for 12 seconds. (stackable)

Embers MarkSiphoning Inferno

Every basic attack has a 30% chance to steal 20% Magical and Physical Defense for 10 seconds. (non-stackable)

Chione's MarkGlacial Defense

While all allies are alive, Konamelete gains 20% Physical Defense and Magical Defense. (purge immune)

First summoned by the inhabitants of an isolated island to defend their home from the wave of destruction that followed Poseidon's wrath, the lord of magma and consort of Gaia has come to Atlantis with the intent of protecting its denizens from further devastation.

Although amiable by nature, Konamele leaves a searing trail as he moves and is seen by Atlanteans as more of a monster than the primordial demigod he is. When Konamele bellows with the might of an erupting volcano, blasting steam and rocky debris skyward, only the foolhardy would still choose to contest him.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Galvanizing Command

    Agholor rallies his velociraptor, Grand Matron, into a beastly furor that causes her to shake with excitement for the battle ahead.

    Grants Agholor enhanced basic attacks for 14 seconds. Each attack reduces his enemy's Magical Defense and increases his Magical Defense by 106 for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Iron Jaws

    The razor-sharp teeth of Agholor’s cherished velociraptor pierce the defenses of their foe while the scent of blood is still fresh in the air.

    Agholor’s first attack reduces the Magical and Physical Defense of his target by 300 for 15 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Armored Warfare

    Fighting on the front lines has helped Agholor to strategize new and inventive ways of bolstering his defenses should the need arise.

    For every 25% health lost, Agholor cleanses himself of all debuffs and gains 107 Magical Defense until the end of battle. (Level 50)

  • Unstoppable Force

    Enemies that fight Agholor might be able to land a hit or two, but they soon realize there is simply no stopping a heavily armored war raptor.

    For every 25% health lost, Agholor gains a 75.47K Health Shield by causing 17.55K Magical Damage to each ally. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkStriking Shears

Every other basic attack now reduces his target’s Life Steal by 75% for 6 seconds. (purge immune)

Embers MarkGnawing Embers

Every other basic attack now reduces his target's Physical Defense by 25% for 3 seconds.

Chione's MarkBiting Icicles

Every other basic attack now reduces his target's Magical Defense by 25% for 3 seconds.

The commander of the legendary Raptor Squad, Agholor engages his enemies on the front lines with his heavily armored velociraptor, Grand Matron, leading the way to glorious victory.

Growing up under the tutelage of his older brother, Jhagor the Elder, Agholor bore witness as some of the most influential and powerful shaman ignored his urgent divinations. Frustrated, he sought to create what is now widely known as the Raptor Squad, with the hopes of defending his homeland of Ordos from the enemies that Jhaqor foresaw growing all around them. Now seen as a paragon of the Drogmol, the safety the Great Grassland Steppes is in his capable hands and his elite team of mounted warriors thrive under his command, proving to be a formidable and imposing force on the battlefield.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Bushido Barrier

    Displaying his imposing skill as a samurai, Takeda performs a grand gesture of deterrence and retaliates against his target with incredible power after having withstood the blows of his enemies.

    Enters a defensive state, gaining 400% Physical Defense for 4 seconds and granting a stack of 103% Basic Attack Damage whenever Takeda receives damage while defending. All stacks are consumed after the first subsequent attack. (Level 50)

  • Steel Ward

    The tamahagane steel used to forge Takeda’s noble katana has been hand folded and welded over a dozen times to purify the sword and occasionally absorb damage.

    Upon landing a critical strike, Takeda gains a 17.05K Health Shield for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Crucible of War

    The many battles Takeda waged in the name of his clan have molded him into an expert warrior and leader that only trusts his instincts.

    For every 20% health lost, Takeda gains 34.2% Critical Strike Bonus. (Level 50)

  • Shogun Blade

    Takeda meditates during his defensive state and momentarily achieves true inner focus, before unsheathing his sword and preparing to attack.

    Bushido Barrier now grants Takeda 33% Critical Strike Chance for 12 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkTyphoon Wrath

Bushido Barrier now grants all allies 200 Resilience for 4 seconds.

Embers MarkFiery Kabuto

While above 50% health, each critical strike increases Physical Defense by 15% for 10 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkHagakure Frost

Upon dropping below 50% health for the first time, Takeda gains 20% Physical Defense for 15 seconds.

As the Budo daimyo lord, Takeda is responsible for leading his clan, both in his homeland of Kunai and on the battlefield, where his impressive swordsmanship and defensive tactics can thwart even the toughest enemies.

The Budo clan is the regent family of the imperial shogunate of Kunai, a feudal and reclusive island nation situated to the far east of Atlantis. Although the leader of the clan is inherited, the chosen lord daimyo must continue to prove themselves as a capable ruler, or risk his clan falling out of favor with the shogunate. While visiting a Budo shrine, Takeda observed a flock of sparrows that moved like a foreboding storm cloud through the air. He saw this as an ominous warning that misfortune would be visited upon his clan if he did not take immediate action. Summoning his vassals, Takeda instructed them to send a scouting party out from Kunai and assess potential threats in other regions.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Shock and Awe

    Rearing up on his hind legs, Atrax swings his axe through the air with enough force to create rippling shockwaves that quickly overwhelm nearby enemies.

    Atrax becomes stationary and releases 3 consecutive shockwaves in an area around him. 1st attack stuns enemies for 3 seconds, 2nd reduces Physical Defense by 52.3% for 6 seconds, and the 3rd deals 19.7K Physical Damage. (Level 50)

  • Spoils of War

    Leading off battle with a concentrated strike, Atrax resourcefully strips his opponent of their defenses and claims it for his own.

    Atrax’s first attack steals 374 Physical Defense from his target for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Concussive Force

    The rage Atrax feels as his health dwindles is focused into his axe, triggering forceful blasts of power that render his foes practically lifeless.

    For every 25% health lost, Atrax enhances his next basic attack to stun all enemies in a line for 2 seconds and reduce their Basic Attack Speed by 31% for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Brazen Bull

    Seeing his enemies driven before him in rapid dominance spurs the defiant Centurian vanguard to continue the fight.

    Shock and Awe now grants Atrax 322 Physical Defense for 6 seconds from each shockwave. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkStorm Armor

Upon dropping below 15% health for the first time, Atrax gains 100% Resilience for 8 seconds. (cleanse immune)

Embers MarkBlistering Reprisal

Upon dropping below 15% health for the first time, Atrax stuns all enemies for 3 seconds. (purge immune)

Chione's MarkIcebound Resolve

Upon dropping below 15% health for the first time, Atrax gains 400% Magical and Physical Defense for 8 seconds. (purge immune)

Looming over both ally and foe alike, Atrax the Centaurian Vanguard charges headlong into combat, carving a path of destruction through the battlefield that leaves only broken bodies in his wake. While foes may hear the blasting of horns and stampeding of hooves in the distance, he is usually the only centaur an enemy sees before their certain demise.

A tyrant and a brute, Atrax is feared even among his own kind for his renowned talent at tracking and defeating recreant centaurs. His contempt for disloyalty and cowardice is so strong, he boasts a second pair of horns around his neck from a previous target as a show of strength and deterrence. Having hunted Nestor all the way from the Dryadic Wilds, Atrax fully intends to stay in the city of Atlantis for as long as it takes to convince his younger brother to rejoin the Centaurians after he previously left the group to become a soldier of fortune. Both brothers are bullheaded and known for their stubbornness, so only the Eastern Oracle knows what the outcome of their next meeting will be.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Dauntless Tombstone

    Smashing his tombstone shield to the ground sends out a ghoulish blast wave rendering anyone near Hector more vulnerable to attacks for as long as his bulwark holds.

    Enters a dauntless state, gaining a 39.79K Health Shield for 10 seconds and reducing the Magical and Physical Defense of nearby enemies by 31.1%. The dauntless state ends if the Health Shield is depleted and Hector takes any damage. (Level 50)

  • Epitaph of Protection

    Engraved on his massive tombstone shield is a cryptic epitaph that safeguards Hector from harmful magic.

    Dauntless Tombstone now grants Hector 40.6% Magical Defense until the end of battle. (Level 50)

  • Grave Defense

    Hector’s resistance to magic dramatically increases as his reanimated lifeforce begins to dwindle away.

    For every 20% health lost, Hector gains 44% Magical Defense for 60 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ash and Dust

    Hector will not rest in peace as long as enemies remain on the battlefield, crippling the impact of their strikes as he returns to the earth.

    Upon death, Hector permanently reduces all enemies Critical Damage Bonus by 61.1%. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkCrashing Tempest

At the start of battle, Hector gains 100% Magical Defense for 8 seconds. (purge immune)

Embers MarkFuneral Pyre

Upon the first ally death, Hector reduces all enemies Critical Strike Chance by 30% permanently. (cleanse immune)

Chione's MarkGelid Touch

Upon any ally death, Hector reduces all enemies Basic Attack Speed by 10% permanently. (stackable)

Hector the Grave Shieldbearer arrives in Atlantis on the direct orders of the Underworld aristocracy, sworn to fight for and defend Queen Moira as she searches the realm for her lost love.

Once a formidable champion in the Atlantean army, Hector now serves as an elite royal guard of the Underworld, ready to oppose any and all threats from the living. Carved into the unholy tombstone that he bears as a shield is an effigy that was originally meant to memorialize his honorable deeds in life. But when Hector rose from his grave and took the tombstone as his scutum, it twisted into a graven image that began to protect him from harm while also weakening his enemies with dreadful magic. It seemed to Hector that his duty as a hero would continue even in death.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Ward of the White Bear

    Uki raises her Icefall spear and signals her mythical polar bear Nanuk to conjure an auspicious snowstorm purifying the immediate area and warding their allies from harm.

    Creates a magical arctic barrier that cleanses Uki and her nearby allies of all debuffs and absorb all incoming damage for the next 2.4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Northern Exposure

    Sensing danger, Uki cloaks herself in a veil of protective ice while Nanuk unleashes a debilitating blast of icy wind against their foes.

    Upon dropping below 50% health for the first time, Uki gains a 133.84K Health Shield and reduces all enemies Basic Attack Speed by 20% until the end of battle. (cleanse immune) (Level 50)

  • Surival Instinct

    Years of hunting in the frozen Hoarfrost Mountains have helped Uki hone her ability to periodically augment her endurance in combat.

    Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack grants Uki 158 Magical Defense for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Nanuk’s Companions

    While most other polar bears are solitary creatures, Nanuk gladly welcomes anyone that will follow him and Uki into battle.

    At the start of battle, the ally deployed behind Uki gains 255 Magical Penetration for 16 seconds and Uki also gains 237 Magical Defense for 16 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkAurora Blessing

While above 50% health, all allies gains 100 Magical Defense. (purge immune)

Embers MarkSearing Claws

Ward of the White Bear permanently reduces the Magical Defense of all enemies by 10%. (stackable, purge immune)

Chione's MarkPolar Tenacity

Reduces all enemies Critical Damage Bonus by 100% for 15 seconds at the start of battle. (cleanse immune)

As an unexpected blizzard engulfs Atlantis and buffets the city, Uki the Tundra Guardian and her mythical polar bear Nanuk emerge from the flurry of snow unscathed, ready to take on anyone who would challenge the Icefall tribe.

To outsiders, the Hoarfrost Mountains have always seemed like an unlivable frozen wasteland but through dedication and service to the goddess of snow, the Icefall tribe have thrived. Uki once patrolled her arctic home along with Nanuk, hunting intruders seeking to desecrate the sacred and blessed lands of Chione and take her icy power. All of this changed when undead from the Underworld overtook the region, their foul energies creating a permanent, dark winter. Now unable to hear Chione’s will, the leaders of the Icefall tribe have descended to Atlantis, hoping their high priestess Atalanta can aid them.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Battering Ram

    Grond Mk IV activates siege engine mode and begins rapidly spinning its battering ram, creating a powerful vortex of energy that is blasted forward like a cannon.

    Deals 11.51K Physical Damage to all targets in a frontal line and reduces Physical Defense and Basic Attack Damage by 29.8% for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Thermal Exhaust

    Major damage to Grond Mk IV is rerouted through its internal combustion engine and expelled out as a thick exhaust cloud that chokes anyone close enough to breathe it.

    For every 20% health lost, Grond Mk IV reduces the Basic Attack Damage of nearby enemies by 60.6%, for 12 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Overdrive Protocol

    Reaching a critical state, Grond Mk IV initiates a safeguard protocol to purge dangerous statuses from within its own defensive system.

    Grond Mk IV permanently gains 30% Physical Defense. After falling below 30% health for the first time, every basic attack will cleanse one debuff until the end of battle. (Level 50)

  • Talos Plating

    Grond Mk IV collects discarded Talos machine parts behind left on the battlefield and uses them to greatly enhance its own defenses.

    Battering Ram now permanently grants 74.9 Resilience. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkConcussive Blast

Battering Ram also stuns all targets for 3 seconds.

Embers MarkIgnited Gunpowder

Battering Ram also reduces target healing by 50% for 12 seconds.

Chione's MarkCold Iron

Battering Ram also reduces Basic Attack Speed by 20% for 12 seconds.

Built to break down the walls of Atlantis itself, Grond Mark IV was the last in its series before the conclusion of the Talos rebellion.

In an odd twist of fate, shortly after production assembly was completed, the rebellion was called to end. With no walls to smash and no enemies to crush, Grond Mk IV found itself isolated and alone, still waiting for instructions from Talos Queen Kahara. In the years that followed, Grond Mk IV cleared out a portion of the Gaian Groves, where it mostly kept to itself… that was until the day Kahara and her personal guard discovered the clearing. Overjoyed to have purpose again, Grond Mk IV is ready to break down whatever stands in the way of the Talos Queen.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Furnace Fire

    Heavy Warthog rears back, opening its furnace panels and releasing a blastwave of immense heat that greatly weakens his enemies.

    Burns all enemies in the frontal line, dealing 10.36K Magical Damage and causing all stats to be reduced by 26% for 3.45 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Bristling Boar

    While operating at peak efficiency, anyone that strikes Heavy Warthog will find their blows mirrored back at them.

    While above 50% health, Heavy Warthog reflects 1.74K Magical Damage back to enemies when receiving damage. (Level 50)

  • Talos Restoration

    Commanded by Talos Queen Kahara, Heavy Warthog will continue to fight for as long as it can remain standing.

    While below 50% health, Heavy Warthog heals for 4.03K health every second. (Level 50)

  • Defense Mechanism

    The central power core inside Heavy Warthog is designed to increase its defensive matrix when taking heavy amounts of damage.

    For every 30% health lost, Heavy Warthog gains 68% Magical and Physical Defense for 10 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkSwelling Tenacity

Furnace Fire now also grants 100 Resilience until the end of battle. (Purge immune)

Embers MarkFlame Shock

Furnace Fire also stuns all enemies affected for 3 seconds.

Chione's MarkFrostfire Shield

Furnace Fire now additionally grants a 80K Health Shield for 10 seconds.

A monster on the battlefield and just as stubborn as its namesake, the mighty Heavy Warthog is both an immovable object and an unstoppable force.

The A2 Heavy Char Warthog, or the Heavy Warthog for short, is the pride of Talos engineers. Custom-built for brutal head-on assaults, Heavy Warthogs are meant to demolish and incinerate anything that stands in their way, but few still remain in service since the rebellion. Inhabiting the borders of the Gaian Groves, the last of the Heavy Warthogs now serve as a first line of defense in protecting the automata jungle.


Physical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Sundering Leap

    Pangu leaps into the air and delivers a sundering strike down upon his enemies, leaving them paralyzed from his divine strength.

    Deals 16.93K True Damage (ignores defenses) to all enemies around the target and paralyzing them from performing basic attacks for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Genesis Cleave

    The strength behind Pangu’s attacks occasionally send out a forceful blast that cleaves through surrounding enemies as if they were nothing.

    Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack deals 17.22K Physical Damage to nearby enemies. (Level 50)

  • Celestial Stasis

    Pangu meditates in battle, balancing yin and yang in perfect harmony to siphon defensive energy from his own raw power.

    For every 10% health lost, Pangu sacrifices 5% Basic Attack Damage to gain an additional 131 Magical and Physical Defense for 60 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Powers of Origination

    As the first living being and divine celestial, Pangu does not tire from battle, instead growing stronger and more unstoppable with the passage of time.

    Pangu gains an additional 20% Basic Attack Damage every 30 seconds, permanently. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkEnergizing Whirlwind 

Upon the death of any ally, Pangu gains 30% Basic Attack Speed and will heal himself for 10K health on each basic attack for 30 seconds.

Embers MarkImpulsive Spark

Upon the death of any ally, Pangu gains 50% Critical Damage Bonus and will heal himself for 10K health on each critical strike for 30 seconds.

Chione's MarkHiemal Endurance

Upon the death of any ally, Pangu gains 30% Resilience and will continuously heal himself for 10K health every second for 30 seconds.

As the skies darken, an imposing figure looms over Atlantis, his booming voice echoing throughout the streets, where both warriors and priests have gathered - not out of fear but in celebration, for they have been blessed by the appearance of Pangu, the Progenitor Celestial and original creator of mankind.

As the first living being, Pangu broke through the chaos of the unmade world and split apart the heavens and earth, thereby setting the sun, moon, stars, and planets in place, and dividing the four seas. Using his insurmountable strength, he formed new lands by chiselling out valleys and stacking up mountains, so that his descendants could live a life of honor and prosperity. His task complete, Pangu retreated to the royal Lunar Palace, leaving mankind to its own devices… for the time being.


Magical Defender

ToughnessStar: 5

Gains 25% Basic Attack Damage Reduction. (purge immune)


  • Soul Invasion

    Earl Villard utilizes the Soul Bead to gather the blood power from nearby lives to devastate the enemies.

    Earl Villard reduces the following for all enemies within range: Basic Attack Damage by 23.1% and Basic Attack Speed by 13% for 6 seconds. In addition, Earl Villard also stuns them for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Anger Resistance

    Battle-hardened Earl Villard knew how to strategize best and invent ways of bolstering his defenses should the need arise.

    For every 10% health lost, Earl Villard cleanses all debuffs from himself and gains a 14.54K Health Shield for 10 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Entire Debility

    The power of the Soul Bead is enough to deprive an enemy's attack power.

    The next basic attack after casting active ability reduces the current target's all stats by 20.1% and increases Basic Attack Damage taken by 9.98% for 5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Lineage Defense

    The lineage of the vampire nobility grants Earl Villard huge defense.

    Upon dropping below 40% health, Earl Villard gains 1.29K Magical Defense and immunity to all debuffs but his healing is also reduced by 60% for 25 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkDark Sacrifice

When any enemy falls, grants himself 200 Resilience permanently. (Stackable, Purge Immune)

Embers MarkClan Force

When any ally falls, reduces Basic Attack Damage taken by 10% for 20 seconds. (Stackable, Purge Immune)

Chione's MarkLife Aggregation

When any unit falls, heals himself 30K health.

Once upon time, the Vampire Kingdom consisted of 13 clans. They broke apart because of their different beliefs.

They divided into two major campaigns - Sabbat and Camarilla. The former are eager to dominate the world,

while the latter choose to live a peaceful life and get away from the crowds.

Earl Villard is the King of Sabbat. He is also the patriarch of Clan Lasombra. The Lasombra are born with warrior

talents, so Earl Villard has a powerful ability to defend against damage. He survived the aftermath of Poseidon

and inherited the holy artifact, the Soul Bead. All the suffering led him to be an extremely powerful and ambitious Vampire King.