Wartide Heroes


Magical Healer


  • Philter of Mending

    Always the right potion at the ready, Rexenor brews a revitalizing draught that heals his allies over time.

    Gives a small burst heal to all allies for 5.63K health and heals the most wounded ally for 5.63K health every half second for 4.5 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Tonic of Revival

    In the heat of battle, Rexenor tosses a healing potion to the most wounded ally.

    Following 2 basic attacks, ​Rexenor heals the most wounded ally for 2.2K health every second for 4 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Draught of the Leech

    Rexenor brews a special potion of Life-Stealing to slip to the ally starting battle ahead of him.

    The ally deployed in front of Rexenor at the start of battle permanently gains 41.3% Life Steal. (Level 50)

  • Ether of Tenacity

    Having perfected his Alchemical craft, Rexenor's vials release a powerful protective dweomer to aid his allies.

    Following 3 basic attacks, Rexenor enchants 3 random allies, granting them 129 Physical Defense for 4 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkFairwinds Draught

Rexenor now grants all allies 1K Heal every 5 seconds.

Embers MarkScalding Potion

Following 2 basic attacks, the next attack grants a random ally 17.6% Basic Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Chione's MarkLiquid Mending

Every basic attack now additionally heals the most wounded ally for 2K health.

The son of diplomats, Rexenor has ventured to all corners of the known world, developing an expertise in alchemy and the restorative arts.

From a very early age Rexenor knew he would explore the world in the pursuit of knowledge, even if it meant leaving the comforts of home behind. His travels and occasional traveling companions have led him down a path towards trouble and even peril, but over time the risks have led him to develop a smart sense of danger.


Magical Healer


  • Divine Frost

    Calling on her divine ancestry, Atalanta summons a burst of soothing snow that relieves her comrades of their suffering.

    Heals all allies for 23.01K health. (Level 50)

  • Heavenly Blast

    Atalanta strikes her foe with such righteous fervor that nearby allies are granted a boon of divine healing.

    Following 3 basic attacks, her next attack will deal 22.77K Magical Damage to the target, and heal allies around the enemy target for 10.86K health. (Level 50)

  • Celestial Protection

    Atalanta's celestial power imbues an ally with additional defenses against eldritch powers.

    The ally deployed in front of Atalanta at the start of battle gains 41% Magical Defense. (Level 50)

  • Blessing of the Wind

    The whirling shards of Atalanta's Divine Frost gather to create formidable shields of ice and wind around her allies.

    Divine Frost now grants all allies a 13.67K Health Shield for 8 seconds. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkRescuing of the Wind

Upon landing a critical strike, Atalanta heals the most wounded ally for 15K health.

Embers MarkCrystaline Fire

Upon landing a critical strike, all allies gain 60 Magical Defense for 8 seconds. (stackable)

Chione's MarkDivine Influence

When Atalanta deals a critical hit, she heals all allies for 5.5K health.

With a wave of her blizzard staff, the cool-headed mage Atalanta brings healing restoration to all soldiers that travel with her.

A direct descendant of King Atlas, Atalanta possesses the same poise and judicial mind of the legendary Atlantean ruler. With her lineage she was destined from birth to play a role in the politics and power structure of her immortal ancestor Poseidon’s beloved land. As a high priestess of the kingdom, she legislates with a maternal fierceness, ready to defend her people from any threat or foe with beautiful but forceful ice spells.


Magical Healer


  • Ritual of Sacrifice

    Striking his ceremonial claves together, Drozho enhances his restorative abilities through a solemn offering of his own lifeforce.

    By sacrificing 10% health, Drozho enhances his basic attacks for 12 seconds. Each attack heals all other allies for 12.53K health. (Level 50)

  • Spiritual Resonance

    Drozho’s persistent attacks resonate through the spirit realm and will occasionally reflect back into the world of the living, mending his wounds.

    Each basic attack has a 20% chance to heal Drozho for 8.99K health. (Level 50)

  • Vivifying Rites

    Further harming himself during a sacrifice bolsters the augmentation, allowing Drozho to renew the health of his most injured companion.

    When casting Ritual of Sacrifice, Drozho deals 10.8K Magical Damage to himself and heals the most wounded ally for 5.26K health every second for 6 seconds. (Level 50)

  • Ancestral Succor

    Sensing death on the battlefield, the sacrificial bones that adorn Drozho’s raptor, Ivory Witch, vibrate with primal energy and enhance the restorative powers of their remaining allies.

    Upon the first ally death, for the next 14 seconds all other allies basic attacks heal themselves for 10.7K health. (Level 50)


Boreas' MarkThin Air

Ritual of Sacrifice now additionally halts all enemies Life Steal for 12 seconds. (purge immune)

Embers MarkCharred Fibroblast

Every other basic attack applies mortal wounds, reducing healing by 100% for 3 seconds.

Chione's MarkBoreal Protection

Each basic attack has a 50% chance to increase the Magical and Physical Defense of the most wounded ally by 25% for 10 seconds. (non-stackable)

A skilled shaman among the Drogmol, Drozho assists the legendary Raptor Squad with a unique, resonating energy that augments his power to mend wounds during combat.

Drozho is a master of tandem curative arts, invoking ancient spirits to provide for the injured by offering his own vitality in return. To further enhance his restorative power, Drozho outfits his velociraptor, Ivory Witch, with sacrificial bones. Along with Ivory Witch, the beastial companions that ride into battle with the Raptor Squad are bred in the Drogmol homeland of Ordos, a sweeping grassland region located to the northeast of Atlantis. It is also here that ritualistic shamanism became the guiding faith of the nomadic Drogmol people. Seen as deities in their own right, the shaman of Ordos are feared for their powers over life and death.