Wartide Heroes


Physical Fighter


  • Blade Typhoon

    Like the forces of a raging ocean storm, Zoe's blade damages all enemies around her.

  • Armored Seashell

    When her vitality begins to suffer, Zoe conjures an impenetrable shield around herself, absorbing damage.

  • Second Wind

    Unwilling to even consider retreat, Zoe musters a last effort to defeat her enemy.

  • Maelstrom Cleave

    In the furious wake of each swing, Zoe's blade strikes all enemies before her.


Chione's MarkChilling Slice

Blade Typhoon now reduces enemies Physical Defense by 30% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkFire Nova

Following 3 basic attacks, the next attack deals 14K Physical Damage in an area around her.

Zoe and her steed stand guard, patrolling with the blade of the ocean's waves.

Growing up around horses, Zoe always knew she would one day master combat tactics from the saddle of her most trusted steed. To gain poise and balance she practiced gymnastics and acrobatics along with daily hand-to-hand blade training. With years of study she mastered careful control of her weapon from horseback.


Physical Fighter


  • Electric Smash

    Magnus invokes the strength of the old gods, wielding his legendary hammer to unleash devastation upon his enemies.

  • Squall of Asgard

    The mighty hammer of Magnus builds an electric charge, periodically erupting in a torrential storm of chain lightning.

  • Blessing of Zeus

    Through sacrifice to the King of the Gods, Magnus gains an aura bestowing magical benefits to nearby allies.

  • Storm of Olympus

    At his limits, Magnus discharges a burst of Zeus' lightning and beseeches his new gods for power and protection.


Chione's MarkStagger Smash

The first cast of Electric Smash now stuns affected enemies for 4 seconds.

Embers MarkElectrified Burn

Electric Smash now burns the area around the primary target, dealing 4K Magical Damage every second for 4 seconds.

Forged in the deepest caverns of the insurmountable peaks of the North, the formidable hammer of Magnus may be wielded by his mighty hands alone, at least according to Magnus himself.

Few men are willing to face challenging the viking Magnus to an arm-wrestling match, though many remember the incident the last time such a challenger tried. As the hulking Norseman struggled to get leverage behind his hefty bicep, suddenly outside the tavern a wild lightning storm hit without warning, sparking several fires and causing general mayhem.


Physical Fighter


  • Twinblade Stomp

    Nestor rears up, swings his cleaver swords high, then brings them down upon his enemy, dealing damage and quaking the ground beneath his hooves.

  • Bellowing Charge

    Never one to hold back, Nestor stampedes onto the battlefield, ready to stun the first enemy his blades can find.

  • Unknown Strength

    Never fully aware of his own true brawn, Nestor sometimes unleashes an unintended massive line attack.

  • Relentless Stampede

    Never one to accept defeat, Nestor stomps his hooves and with a savage bellow, fights on with renewed ferocity.


Chione's MarkCutting Frost

Twinblade Stomp now additionally applies mortal wounds to enemies, reducing all healing by 50% for 16 seconds.

Embers MarkCombustion Guard

Upon dropping below 10% health for the first time, Nestor gains a 80K Health Shield for 10 seconds.

The mercenary Nestor, eager for action, charges into battle with the courage of a hundred men and the strength of a thousand.

Born in a land where ill-advised men tried to put him in a yoke and chains as a beast of burden, Nestor now fights as a free bull, hiring his armor and blades out to the highest bidder. His loyalty can be ensured for the right price, but behind that helmet it can be difficult to know exactly where Nestor's allegiances truly lie.


Physical Fighter


  • Great White Vortex

    Zeph channels the strength, ferocity, and dominance of the legendary Great White as he unleashes a devastating flail attack on all enemies around him.

  • Razortooth Edge

    Zeph finds a rhythm to his attacks, unleashing an enhanced blow every few swings.

  • Intimidating Glare

    Brave soldiers are reduced to quivering wrecks upon glimpsing the unnervingly aggressive expression on Zeph's face.

  • Torrential Shred

    Zeph's movements are like the ceaseless ocean waves, flowing smoothly and then crashing violently with spiraling blows.


Chione's MarkFrost Nova

The first cast of Great White Vortex reduces all enemies Basic Attack Speed by 23.1% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkFire Water

Great White Vortex now burns all enemies hit, dealing 4K Physical Damage every second for 4 seconds.

A brash and fearless warlord, Zeph prefers the roar of battle to the quiet and calm of safety and security.

Born as Zephyros Tidalcrest of the Crashing Tempests, the comforts and pleasures of royalty never appealed to Zeph despite his heritage as the eldest son to the king and queen of the third dynasty of New Atlantis. Leaving eleven younger siblings behind to bicker over claims to the vast riches of their parents' kingdom, Zeph sought out his own riches earned through threats with his trusty flail as he gained notoriety guiding clans of bandits on well-orchestrated raids.


Magical Fighter


  • Gaia's Hammer

    Boryxion taps into Gaia’s well of energy and strikes his surrounding enemies with the impossible grace and devastation of the goddess herself. Her strength enlivens and lingers in Balgar, deflecting lesser magic.

  • Stone Sentinel

    Boryxion wraps his ally in a brilliant, protective veil harder than stone

  • Crystalline Core

    When Boryxion’s enemies chip past his gravel shell, they risk setting off seething flares from his unstable crystalline core.

  • Earth Fall

    When Boryxion falls, his primordial core violently ruptures, sending out earth-shattering fissures bearing Gaia’s green wrath.


Chione's MarkFrozen Heart

Upon reaching 15% health, heals himself for 50K health.

Embers MarkScorched Earth

Gaia's Hammer additionally reduces Magical Defense by 40% to all enemies hit for 6 seconds.

While Phaidon’s men were mining for Atlantean crystals, they accidentally struck a vein deep within the earth’s bosom. Powerful primordial energy, often called “Gaia’s tears”, leaked into Poseidon’s Fracture. From that great chasm, a most unexpected life emerged: Boryxion.

Each of Boryxion’s steps send tremors through the earth and its enemies, its unstable, pulsating crystal core likened to the breath of Gaia herself. This living mountain is tempered by its adamant will to defend the injured earth, and can often be found patrolling the Shattered lands for intruders.


Physical Fighter


  • Vile Upchuck

    Inflating his acid-filled dewlap, Goruk retches forth a torrent of pungent bile capable of hindering the rate of his enemies attacks.

  • Brutal Hamstring

    The more Goruk fights, the harder he wants to win and by employing ancient tribal tactics, can sometimes pummel his target with a devastating strike.

  • Tooth for a Tooth

    Goruk does not know the meaning of defeat and when his life force is diminished, delivers a ferocious blow permanently crippling his opponent.

  • Thrill of Battle

    With every swing of his spiked battle axe, Goruk seeks the next opportunity to drain the fighting spirit from his foes.


Chione's MarkIce Cold Scalese

Tooth for a Tooth now grants Goruk 50% Physical Defense for 5 seconds.

Embers MarkSearing Hunger

Goruk permanently gains 35% Life Steal. (purge immune)

A bumptious grunt with an axe to grind, Goruk is feared among the Skullcrusher tribe for his quarrelsome attitude and savage bloodlust.

As one of the reptilian humanoids known as the saurian, his imposing body, massive jaws, and dermal scales make Goruk a perfect fit for combat against the softskins. His perceived superiority over other fighters would often get Goruk into trouble with the tribal elders for terrorizing his own forces. Demoted from a prestigious warrior to a grunt for abhorrent behavior unbecoming of his caste, Goruk now battles harder than ever to prove his dominance.


Magical Fighter


  • Invocation of Ra

    Invoking the ancient power of Ra, Sekhmeta channels the sun itself into a celestial beam that siphons the energy of any foes that stand before her and returns their life force to her.

  • Cosmic Alignment

    Always in sync with the cosmos, Sekhmeta uses the secret cycles of the stars to hone in on her enemies’ weak phases while seizing power during her states of elevation.

  • Desert Ardor

    Sekhmeta’s devotion runs so deep that she carries a tangible power that inspires the ally behind her with divine awe.

  • Sacrifical Blessing

    There can be no waste in the desert, so when her first ally dies, Sekhmeta cannibalizes their spirit and gains their cosmic energy.


Chione's MarkPermafrost Light

Invocation of Ra now reduces enemies Basic Attack Speed by 31% for 10 seconds.

Embers MarkBlistering Sands

Invocation of Ra reduces all affected enemies Magical Defense by 40% for 10 seconds.

Once known as the “Devourer of the Unworthy”, this Sphinx used to roam the Badlands, devouring any who failed to answer her riddle. One day, she crossed path with a humble servant of the Sun. To the Sphinx’s surprise, the servant not only answered her riddle, but presented her with a new riddle, a divine riddle, for she had unwittingly challenged the Daybreak Oracle.

Bewildered and humbled, the once ravenous Sphinx was tamed by this higher, celestial power and soon became his closest disciple. The Daybreak Oracle gave her glimpses into the underworld and taught her to read divinity in the stars. Filled with the divine ardor of the sands, the Sphinx adopted a new identity: Sekhmeta, High Priestess of the Daybreak Oracle.


Magical Fighter


  • Aegis of Splendor

    Gesturing with her hands, Nouri directs her cache of enchanted reliquaries to protect herself from harm... but only for as long as she remains focused.

  • Dazzling Scimitar

    Every so often, the floating sabre beside Nouri begins to gleam, temporarily endowing her with a burst of unparalleled agility.

  • Dazzling Scimitar

    Through her travels in Atlantis, Nouri has learned new ways to augment her reliquaries, empowering their protective barrier to also restore her vitality.

  • Open Sesame

    By invoking a familiar magical phrase during combat, one of her assorted treasure chests may open and bestow Nouri with additional endurance.


Chione's MarkReflective Ice

Aegis of Splender additionally reflects 3.2K Magical Damage back to all enemies while the barrier persists.

Embers MarkTempered Treasures

Aegis of Splendor additionally grants Nouri 100% Life Steal for 8 seconds.

Armed with a cache of enchanted treasure, ranging from weapons and equipment to antique trinkets, the search for fortune and excitement has lead Nouri to the war-torn lands of Atlantis.

Although she had an opulent lifestyle at home, Nouri longed for wealth and success in her own right. Not content to just wait around for her inheritance, she absconded from the family estate and began to plunder burial places of the affluent. Nouri reasoned that the belongings of the deceased were free for the taking and she saw their tombs are her personal emporium. It wasn't just riches she discovered in the crypts, but also powerful relics that could aid her in combat.


Physical Fighter


  • Draco Buster

    The enormous sword Finn struggles to wield becomes an extension of himself as his true power ultimately bursts forth in a blaze of glory.

  • Rumble and Swagger

    When Finn feels he has the upperhand in battle, his attacks land more true than the grandiose stories he tells back in the Atlantean taverns.

  • Brand of the Bold

    As unleashed energy courses through him, Finn finally becomes capable of performing the feats of strength he usually only boasts about.

  • auntless Armor

    The dragon armor Finn wears isn’t just for show and will grow substantially more powerful as his health wanes in combat.


Chione's MarkIcicle Barrier

When health falls below 50%, Finn gains a 60K Health Shield.

Embers MarkBrazen Spark

While above 50% health, Finn gains 17.6% Basic Attack Speed.

In taverns across Atlantis, Finn can be found regaling captive audiences with grandiose stories of his own heroism as a Dragon Slayer. But it wasn’t until the famed flier Hadrian overheard one of his more boastful tales that Finn found himself somewhat reluctantly enlisted into the Atlantean army.

The quest to become a legendary hero has been an easy one for Finn, slaying his first dragon as a young boy and flaying the scales off its body to craft himself a set of impervious armor… or so he would have you believe. The bravado Finn radiates as he brushes back his hair and cocks his eyebrow conveys an air of dashing confidence that lends credence to his larger than life stories. And much like any good legend, he always leave the more precise details of how this supposed dragon was slain a mystery.


Magical Fighter


  • Litany of Scorn

    The invocations Ixion speaks draw arcane energy into an octagram of shadow that rises through his body before wreaking havoc down on his foe.

  • Insult to Injury

    When landing his most powerful strikes, Ixion will cripple the defenses of whatever poor fools happen to be closest to him, flaunting his dominance in close combat.

  • Convalescence

    The cursed veil of immortality can abate some of the damage done to Ixion when he has been grievously hurt, allowing him to terrorize his enemies uninterrupted.

  • Memento Mori

    Ixion feels pity for the first of his companions that falls in battle, taking their life force for his own as protection so they may continue to serve a purpose.


Chione's MarkFrozen Revenge

Each ally death grants Ixion 40% Basic Attack Damage until battle ends. (stackable)

Embers MarkSeething Force

Litany of Scorn now purges all buffs from the nearest enemy to the primary target.

Within the rank of Knights that serve Lazuli society, Ixion is known to be an ostentatious expert of magic few can claim to match. He aids the Atlanteans for his own personal gain and a darker purpose - uncovering greater arcane knowledge to preserve his immortality.

To find meaning in the unknown, Lazuli that wish to become Knights must sojourn to the Underworld. Ixion, wanting to demonstrate his superiority, attempted a shortcut by crossing into the shadow realm, wherein a living darkness enshrouded him. He was endowed with immortality but also cursed with needing increasingly greater power to sustain it, forcing Ixion to leave the Peaks of Areion and begin his dark quest.


Physical Fighter


  • Ferocious Bite

    Xing draws out his indomitable spirit and launches a blitz attack that paralyzes his opponent in terror as his gaping maw bites down upon them.

  • Riposte

    Enemies that battle Xing may panic at his intimidating appearance but they soon realize it is his formidable martial prowess that should be feared the most.

  • Unyielding Resolve

    The best defense is a good offense and as Xing endures repeated attacks from his foes, he hits harder and harder, not knowing when his next respite may come

  • Defiant Last Stand

    At the prospect of being defeated in combat, Xing's dauntless willpower burns brightly and he fights on with astonishing speed, for today is not a good day to die.


Chione's MarkFrost Bite

Ferocious Bite additionally heals Xing for 30K health.

Embers MarkWarrior's Hearth

Upon dropping below 25% health for the first time, Xing gains a 85K Health Shield for 10 seconds.

Despite Xing's fearsome visage, paired with a lack thereof, those that know his tale laud his indomitable spirit in poetry and prose; however, those that face him in combat quickly learn that their opposition only fuels his zeal as he overpowers them through sheer force of will.

Xing is rumored to be as ancient as the gods themselves and has been in conflict against them for just as long. Said to have been decapitated in a past battle against Poseidon, he did not let the loss of his head deter his ambitions. Growing a fearsome jaw from his stomach and a pair of eyes from his chest, he continues his struggle to usurp the gods and their authority over man.


Physical Fighter


  • Rip and Tear

    Executing a rapid combination of precision attacks by his prized velociraptor, Clever Girl, Zhurak rends his foe to shreds.

  • Squad Goals

    Working with a team allows Zhurak to seize the opportunity while his enemies are distracted and land strikes as effortlessly as swatting a fly.

  • Feeding Frenzy

    Zhurak capitalizes on pivotal moments in battle and commands his insatiable raptor to more voraciously attack their enemies.

  • Swift Claws

    While unharmed, Zhurak and his trained velociraptor are emboldened and deliver their attacks with incomparable agility.


Chione's MarkCongealed Blood

Following 4 basic attacks, the next attack grants 35% Life Steal for 8 seconds.

Embers MarkCharred Sinew

Zhurak’s first attack reduces the target’s Magical and Physical Defense by 40% for 10 seconds.

A member of the legendary Raptor Squad, Zhurak serves as their expert fighter and beastmaster. He specializes in getting up-close and personal with his trained velociraptor to quickly dispatch his enemies.

The elite team is revered within their nomadic race of mounted warriors and it was Zhurak’s renowned skill at husbandry that became the foundation for Raptor Squad. He was responsible for raising the beasts from hatchling to maturity, matching their behaviors and traits to each rider. His prized velociraptor, Clever Girl, has been augmented for close quarters combat. Her steel plated horn gores opponents as easily as her claws eviscerate flesh. Together, they ride fearlessly into battle, ready to fight with a viciousness usually only seen in the wild.